Making Money

Making Money with the Downline Building Network?

The reason for having your own business is making money and it isn’t hard to do. You mail the FREE postcards that come with your monthly subscription of opportunity seeker leads. When people sign up and become members of DBN, you will get 70% for a Fast Start bonus from their first order. Then, every month they order their subscription, you will be paid a percentage for a residual income. The percentage is decided by where they are in your matrix. This is a 4 x 3 forced matrix. You get 10% from your first level people, 40% percent from your second level and 20% from your third level. That is a 70% total payout!!

Even better, when you fill your first matrix, you automatically start another one. This means even more residual income every month. You can have as many matrices as you can fill.

Between the Fast Track bonuses and the monthly subscription income, you could potentially receive up to 5 (five) checks a month! I like that! How about you?

Don’t wait! Call 1-866-722-5363, ext.1 right now! Use DBN #59236 and receive your FREE packet of information and the home office will start putting your three pre-enrollees in place in your matrix – ready for you to get started! You can get started making money and building your business right away!