No Lotions, Potions or Pills – Just “Hot” Leads

Yes, the Downline Building Network is an MLM. BUT…you don’t have to try to sell lotions, potions or pills to all your friends and family. No chasing people down for an order and then trying to get paid for it. No setting up parties and having no one come.

Yes, you do have to purchase your subscription each month but the subscription is for “hot” leads on self-sticking labels already printed and ready for you. These leads are people that have requested information about working from home or making a second income, so they are already pre-disposed to the idea of running their own business. Plus, if they happen to have joined another MLM, they can use their monthly leads to offer any other programs along with the DBN program!   You can use your leads however you want but we suggest that you first use them to offer DBN.

More in-depth information is available in the FREE information packet you can receive just by calling 1-866-722-5363, ext. 1. Make sure to use DBN # 59236 when it is requested.  This pre-recorded message means you can call at any time of the day or night.  What are you waiting for? Call now!