What is The Downline Building Network?

The Downline Building Network is a simple home business founded in 2006 by Gerald Peters. It is located in Huntsville, TX and has grown into a huge success. It really doesn’t matter where it is located, or where you are located, because everything is done by snail (postal) mail. You don’t need to have a computer for this business, although you might want one to keep track of your downline and income!

Gerald built the Downline Building Network on the premise of “People Helping People”. Each person is helping their downline and upline as they build their business. In fact, every member has to help each other, otherwise their own business would not grow. Which means that when your upline or downline add a new person, you will benefit, also. Gerald set DBN up in this way because he believes that what you put out is what you get back. As Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “One cannot sincerely help another without helping himself.”